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#1 2023-11-20 20:42:58

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UVP6-HF SUPERVISED mode information, serial communication protocol

I am working on integrating the UVP6-HF into two of our autonomous robots; one is an ASV, and the other is a UUV. I'm writing software to control and monitor the UVP6-HF in SUPERVISED mode. This software will be open-source and available to the community when I finish.

Some of the basic serial communication protocols are listed in the manual; however, there are no examples of how to start and stop acquisition while in SUPERVISED mode. The user manual says to start acquisition by sending the command $start:NNNNNNNN; (Starts acquisition using the NNNNNNNN set of parameters.) I'm looking for specific information on the NNNNNNNN set of parameters and the format required.

Would you happen to have any more documentation on this topic? Examples of serial commands/traffic would be very helpful!


#2 2023-11-29 10:45:40

From: L'isle jourdain
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Re: UVP6-HF SUPERVISED mode information, serial communication protocol

I guess you had your answer by email.


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