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#1 2024-01-09 07:21:46

Registered: 2024-01-09
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hdr could not be received because the request timed out

Dear Colleagues,
we have an issue with a UVP6 HF. When trying to download the data (get file list), we get the error that the hdr could not be received because the request has timed out. This is with SN159. Would you mind to inform us how to deal with this?


#2 2024-01-09 09:49:32

From: L'isle jourdain
Registered: 2022-11-08
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Re: hdr could not be received because the request timed out

Dear Rainer,

When you encounter this message, it generally indicates that the content couldn't be accessed. To troubleshoot, let's start by checking the IP configuration settings:

Take caution while using the Ethernet switch to ensure you select the correct Ethernet board when entering the settings!

1. Configuring the IP address on the laptop's Ethernet:
   - Click Start, then type "settings." Select Settings > Network & internet.
   - Choose Ethernet on the left and then click on the modify adapter option.
   - Select the Ethernet connection you're using.
   - Click on Properties.
   - Double click on Select IPv4.
   - Opt for a manual IP configuration and input the following details (typically): IP Address:

2. Configuring the IP address on UVPapp:
   - Navigate to the Help tab, then click on Application Settings.
   - For the Local IP, input the same IP address as in step 1.

Additionally, it's essential to inspect the cables for any issues.


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