The Underwater Vision Profiler (UVP) built under CNRS patent is an imaging sensor. It is designed to count and size in situ large (>80 µm) particles in a known volume of water. The UVP6 also records images of larger aggregates and zooplankton (>700 µm) for later classification using the EcoTaxa/EcoPart web application. The high frequency version (HF) can be deployed at higher speeds (>1m.s-1) than the UVP6 Low Power (LP) and is suitable for fast speed platforms such as CTDs and AUVs.

Operational depth: 6000 meters
Materials: titanium, glass, and POM
Input voltage: 10-28 Vdc (max 6 Watts, 10h autonomy with battery)
Interfaces: RS232, Ethernet, analog output
Lighting: 635nm, ≤100µS flashes
Resolution: 5Mpixels (73 x 73µM)
Image volume: 0,65 L (180 x 151 mm)
Image frequency: up to 20Hz
Real time processing of images
Memory: up to 1 To
0.1%FS accuracy pressure sensor
Compatible with ECOTAXA:  http://ecotaxa.obs-vlfr.fr/part/